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Roofing Toronto is experienced and knowledgeable in commercial roof maintenance, roof and leak repair,  roof replacements. Our commitment to remarkable workmanship, dedication to customer service and unified team of professionals strive to provide top-notch roof repair, roof maintenance and roof installation services. Our experienced staff helps you select the optimal roofing solution to meet your specific needs. This makes commercial roofing Toronto to be on the forefront of innovative construction technologies.

Types of roofing systems that we specialize in:

With an access to the latest in roofing technologies and reputation for quality craftsmanship we are experts in installing any kind of roofing system. We offer several types of roofing to select for your commercial building.

1. Flat roofs

Flat roofs are popular choices for commercial buildings mainly because of their inexpensive design. Flat roofs are nearly horizontal roofs pitched for water drainage only. Flat roofs may comprise of the following types:

  • BUR is not only one of the oldest and reliable types of commercial roofing but also aesthetically pleasing in nature. They comprise of layers and hence act as great insulators.
  • The single ply membranes which comprise of sheets are light weight but deliver long term durability and flexibility.
  • EPDM is one of the most durable, versatile and high performing membranes available out there.
  • PVC and TPO are the most common thermoplastic membranes that have dominated the commercial roofing industry for years.
  • Modified bitumen is asphalt based roofing specially designed for flat roof structures.

2. Pitched roofs

Pitched roof is a roof that has a slope greater than 10 degree from horizontal and used in areas prone to heavy snowfall.

They are of two types:

  • Cut roof is a traditional method of cutting timber and assembling it on site.
  • Truss roof is a structural framework delivered to site complete and erected.

Our commercial roofing companies employ fully insured, licensed and courteous professionals who complete the project  with minimal disruption to your business. Yes, the integration of quality minds, superior quality materials and exceptional workmanship assures you a great outcome. Call the Commercial roofing Toronto today for a free estimate.

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