Windows in our homes are essential as they let us see and interact with outdoor nature and they also let in lots of natural sunlight, creating warmth during winter months.

Skylights are windows installed on the roof that allow us to see the sky. They are widely used in designing daylighting for residential, public, and commercial buildings. Increased daylighting can result in less electrical lighting use and smaller sized window glazing (sidelighting), saving energy, lowering costs, and reducing environmental impacts. Daylighting can cut lighting energy use in some buildings by up to 80%! Learn about different materials used in manufacturing skylight products.

A study concluded that students have significantly higher test scores in classrooms that optimize daylighting, than classrooms that do not. Other studies show that daylight positively affects physiological and psychological well-being, which can increasing productivity in many contexts, such as sales in retail spaces. [1]

Nowdays many commercial buildings can reduce total energy costs by up to one-third by utilizing the use of daylighting. In fact, the majority of commercial warehouses and ‘big box stores’ built in recent years have used skylights extensively for energy/costs savings.

Generally speaking, skylights make people happier and more energetic. They show us daylight which in turn provides us with a vital boost of vitamin D and serotonin, the levels of which affect our moods and general enjoyment of life. People in the northern hemisphere who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sometimes called the wintertime blues, especially need sunlight during the cold and dreary months between fall and spring.


[1] Daylighting Study: University of Georgia, study of 21,000 students.

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